Author of Emit Eht (Science-Fiction/Metaphysical and Visionary Romance) Children's Author, Thinker, Philosopher.

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I write what I think. And thinking is my most precious pastime. I write just for fun, for myself, strictly from my own experience, and never for an audience. My blogs are my own experiences, observations, commentaries, criticisms and opinions on life, humans, philosophy, psychology, human intelligence, society, History, parenting, god, religion, spirituality, and our world in general. I strongly reject established thought forms, rutted ideas, Zombie values, living without thinking & questioning, and thinking that 'does not involve thinking'. Some of my posts have been translated in several other languages and have received over 20 million views within two years. One post is currently at 13.5 million views, another at 2 million, and several others at several hundred thousands.

Now R Blogs (short for Ratna Srivastava Blogs and Our Blogs both) aim to regularly bring eye-opening topics to a wider audience through Medium helping readers rediscover their world, explore its beauty, intricacy and wonder, or simply to question their reality. I thank you for your time and appreciation and hope you will enjoy R Blogs and R Quotes.

Note: There's a lot of talk going around about AI helping many Medium writers with their writing. Writing is my hobby. I write to express my thoughts and opinions. AI may go to others or hell, I don't care. There's no way I'm letting it rob me of my pleasures with writing.

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Author of Emit Eht (Science-Fiction/Metaphysical and Visionary Romance) Children’s Author, Thinker, Philosopher. Editor R Blogs, R Quotes.