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Ratna Srivastava
3 min readFeb 21, 2022

Just to say Thanks and to help those who need 100 Followers

It was only a week ago. Even after 40 days of joining Medium nothing much was happening although I was rigorously posting. Painfully sluggish build up of followers ultimately left me with no choice. I was almost about to quit having given up all hopes of ever making it to 100 followers.

Then one post happened that showered me with 100 followers in 2 days that has left me speechless with wonder, admiration and heartfelt gratitude!

I had never imagined that one single post could do what my other posts hadn’t.

I would like to thank all those sweet wonderful people who followed me even though I had expressly written not to follow me except when they wanted to. Because of their genuine sentiment to help me out, I gathered 100 followers in just 2 days.

I tried to thank all of them individually but for 3 days I continuously ran out of my allotted Quota for posting in a single day. I didn’t even know if there was such a rule!

So thank you my wonderful friends from the very bottom of my heart!

As a gesture of gratitude, I would like to tell you that if you are looking for more followers, you can just leave me a comment and I will immediately follow you.

No rules. No conditions.

Just love, support, trust and help.

I repeat: You do not need to follow me if you do not want to. I will still follow you.

My second bunch of graitude goes to excellent medium community. Never have I ever encountered such a strong unconditional helping hand and a feeling of community and togetherness. We literally stand together even though we may not know each other personally. It was…

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